Some of the windows of the University library building.


Orange windows

Somebody elses windows.

Unfortunately there was a car in the way that messed up the corner.


Window again

It´s raining and windy and not walking weather, at least not at the moment.
I still have a lot of photos that I took at Kulturen that I haven´t posted yet, so I´ll post some of them now in the mean time.

I like windows. What I don´t like is that I still haven´t learned to be careful and not catch my own reflection when I´m photographing them. So here is a window from Kulturen with an inadvertent selfie. My only consolation is that I´m not fully as distorted in real life.


Window sill

From a window sill at Kulturen.

I´m boring myself again, too many Kulturen posts in a row.

I am sooo itching to post some of my pictures of human beings, but I have this to the verge of ridiculous sense of responsibility, and I don´t want to do anything that might even in the slightest way harm or offend anyone.

Even showing the back of somebodys head makes me uncomfortable if they didn´t say that it´s ok with them.