Naked Tree

At the moment I´m tired of posting pictures of buildings, and I´m tired of trying to edit washed out skies.

Shrinking my pictures too much are making them blurry, so this time I´m posting a completely unedited photo that I didn´t shrink as much. Slimline. Naked. Kind of minimalist. Breath of fresh air.

This is from around Svenshögsskolan.


Behind Domkyrkan

I was thinking about never posting a picture of this building.

It´s Domkyrkan, The Dome church. It´s the most photographed building in Lund I´m sure, I mean everybody takes pictures of it all the time, and they pretty much all look the same, so I thought I wouldn’t add to the masses.

But this is part of the back of it, people photograph the back too, but not as much maybe.