This sculpture is by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. It´s called Non-Violence. It´s outside Skissernas Museum.

He made the original sketch for it out of sadness when John Lennon was killed.



I took a walk in the main park ” Stadsparken” in town today.

Not much was growing yet, it´s still early spring, so I took some pictures of some of the birds.

I know my posts sound like they are written by a complete moron, but I´m actually quite intelligent.
It´s just that it seems such a waste of time and energy to try to remember what things are called in English when words like “thingy” and “stuff” just seem to say so much.

So here is some gull-bird thingy and duck stuff.

Cool-bird-2 cool-duck-1


Taking a break from old stuff at Kulturen. They had an exibition called “Staged Fashion” as well right now.

They were showing stage clothes, this one screamed at me to take a picture. It´s by Paulina Wallenberg-Olsson.

The light glares were a bit irritating, but I couldn´t figure out how to avoid them.