This is in a pond by the monument.

I´m usually pretty good at understanding symbolism and things like that, but this is beyond me.

I mean seriously, what the?

A baby screaming it´s head off because it´s sitting in the middle of a pond, on the back of a vomiting turtle?




Three things mostly green.

A bench I sat on by the language buildings at the university, a metal thingy from outside Skissernas Museum, and a crow in the grass.

I´m very easily bored, and I´m boring myself again with these pictures. But since I have been cooped up indoors for two days I´m at least trying to get the feeling of being outside.




Carl Von Linné

This is Carl Von Linné, called the father of taxonomy or something.

I don´t know who made the statue but it probably isn´t hard to find out. It´s standing on Petriplatsen by the main public library.

I think he looks totally rock and roll with that garter belt or whatever it´s called someone put on him. They put a tulip in his hand as well so he has something to study while he´s just standing there.