Horse Chestnut leaves

I´m pretty sure that´s what they are, Horse Chestnut leaves. I´m usually really good with plants, I´m just so tired right now that I can hardly see.



Plant leaves

I don´t think I know what kind of plant this is. I should, I´m supposed to be good with plants, but I´m not paying attention.



Portrait format test thing. Made it smaller than the others. This better work or else.

Sigh. lol. This is ridiculous.

Ok, I went into my settings and changed the medium size thing to max 500×600 and changed the latest portrait format pics to that. I Think they look better now. Maybe.


Springy Things

It was raining, and snowing, and hailing today. Not the best walking weather.

Still I was able to get out a little while and found some signs of spring.

I don´t know if the mushroom things are really a sign of spring, but anyway.