Finally some people

I was just going to take a short walk today, and not photograph anything since last time all I found was grass, but today I heard some music and followed it. There were some people entertaining the kids around here. I have seen one of the people before but this was a different act. They are in costume, but at least they are people and not grass or rooks.

BM-+-trummis-sv-1 Borgmästaren-sv-1 dragspelare-1sv Elvira-sv-1 röd-hatt-sv-1 svan

Guys walking

Cognitive street photography therapy. Tiny unidentifiable people, and the backs of people and their heads.
Way to start I think.

Black and white seems to feel more anonymous as well.


Gone Fishin´

This guy was fishing in the pond or whatever it´s called, it´s too small to be a lake.

Nöbblelövs Mosse is some kind of remnant from the ice-age, and the water has something to do with that, but I am seriously historical-fact-challenged.