This is in a pond by the monument.

I´m usually pretty good at understanding symbolism and things like that, but this is beyond me.

I mean seriously, what the?

A baby screaming it´s head off because it´s sitting in the middle of a pond, on the back of a vomiting turtle?



The Battle of Lund

I was here yesterday as well. This is the site of one of the bloodiest battles ever, not only in Sweden, but in Europe. Thousands and thousands of Danes and Swedes completely slaughtered each other here.

War sucks, but if anyone is interested I found a thing about it in English on Wikipedia.


This monument was raised 200 years later, and the inscriptions on the sides are in some kind of weird olden Danish, but I can still understand it enough to translate it I think.

The first one says:


The 4th of December

Here fought and bled

People of the same tribe

Reconciled descendants

Raised the memorial


The second one says, in some attempt at rhyme:


Here lie brave men

Whose bones and blood are blended

Blended together

So that no one can say other

Than that they are of one family

They were of one faith

Still, with peace

They could not together live


Or something. This editor thing double spaces things when they aren´t supposed to be double spaced, but whatever.