Strange Magpie Behavior

3 Pictures.

Been cooped up a couple of days again. Got out for a while yesterday, just around the house.

There was something really strange going on with the magpies around here, they were behaving weirdly.
For one thing, they didn´t seem afraid of me and I couldn´t believe how close they let me get to them.

I thought that one of them was dead or had hit a window because it was just laying in a weird postion in the grass. I was almost on top of it when it noticed me and flew off. It was like it was sleeping or something.

Then I saw another one that was doing really weird things. It was just laying in the grass too, but then it started kind of hissing and flapping it´s wings, it was trying to screech I think but nothing but hissing was coming out of it´s mouth.

I thought maybe it was injured, but then it flew away too. I hope they aren´t sick or anything. Very strange.
I have never seen anything like it.

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