This is part of the tower of Kungshuset at the University, it´s in Lundagård.

I studied practical philosophy there for a while, but quit because it wasn´t exactly doing me much good. I mean there really isn´t a very large job market out there for philosophers.

I was going to write some really stupid thing about this building but I have stopped myself.

I´m finding it increasingly hard to stay on any kind of track with this blog.

My family and friends and people who know me are reading/looking at it, and they know my inherent silliness. On the other hand there are complete strangers seeing this as well, and I´m trying to keep some kind of balance which is making things kind of awkward.

I don´t know how to behave in public.



This is “Mannen som bröt sig ut ur klippan”, “The Man Who Broke Out Of The Rock” by Axel Ebbe. The rock is supposed to symbolize ignorance I think.

It can be found in Lundagård.

Some prankster obviously thought that he needed a makeover and painted “eye shadow and lipstick” on him. I´m sure they have washed it off by now, it was a few months ago. I found it slightly amusing.

stenmannen-med-läppstift-o-ögonskugga Stenmannen-sv