Abandoned maybe

I was hoping to find some run down abandoned buildings or something, but there isn´t much of that around here.

This one might be abandoned, looked kind of like it, but I don´t know.



House and bike

Walked around town just taking random pics of things today. Here is one.


Gone Fishin´

This guy was fishing in the pond or whatever it´s called, it´s too small to be a lake.

Nöbblelövs Mosse is some kind of remnant from the ice-age, and the water has something to do with that, but I am seriously historical-fact-challenged.



I think this is called Tofsvipa in Swedish, bird-thing in English.

This was really too far away to get a good picture of, but since I have never gotten a picture of one before, I´m adding it.


Tired Cattle

The past week or something there has been “ko-släpp” all over Sweden.
It´s hard to translate, but it means letting the cows out of the barn in spring.
It´s a popular thing among Swedes to go and watch. The cows go all crazy happy and start frolicking and jumping around all over the place. I suppose this tires them out, and I suppose that´s why these ones look so tired.