Phone Pics

I have been really impressed by some of the blogs here where people have taken pictures with their phones.

I don´t even know how to use the camera on mine, but yesterday I tried (a little).

The first one is from a small greek restaurant where we ate yesterday. We got there in between lunch and dinner time so there were hardly any people there, otherwise it´s usually packed.

The second one is from a taxi and looks about as confused as I was about how my phone camera works.
The weather was about to become nasty.





This is by the technical part of the University.


Steam Power Tower

I get this mixed up with the old water tower, that isn´t a water tower any more, but is a part of the new observatory or something, and the new water tower looks kind of like a space ship, but that has nothing to do with this, because this is part of the Steam Power thingy, and used to be the old place where they used to do the laundry for the hospital.

Confused? me too.

Gamla-tvätteriet ånggrej

Guys walking

Cognitive street photography therapy. Tiny unidentifiable people, and the backs of people and their heads.
Way to start I think.

Black and white seems to feel more anonymous as well.



Today I´ll be posting just random things I saw on my walk in town yesterday, they are all from various places in central Lund.

You may also notice that I am working on getting over my fear of posting pictures with people in them, slowly.