Freaky Old Priests

This isn´t supposed to be a blog about my opinions on things, it´s for posting photos, but I do have an opinion about freaky old priests, especially medieval ones. I don´t like them.

This is the home of some old priest, from Kulturen, not medieval I think (I really should read all the signs they put up explaining what things are, but I have to admit that they bore me) but there was a painted portrait hanging in the hallway to this house of some extremely freaky looking priest.

I was standing right in front of it with my camera, and it would have been the easiest thing in the world to just snap a shot, but I couldn´t, I couldn´t stand his face.

“Back in the day” priests were the major authority, they were the law more or less. They were also out of their minds.

In the days of the witch hunts, someone could go to a priest and say that they saw someone looking sideways at one of their chickens for example, and then the chicken died, so this was proof that the sideways-looking person, probably a woman, was a witch.

So “the witch” was arrested, and told to either admit that they were a witch, or prove that they weren´t.

This is not an easy task as anyone can imagine.

Then they would call on credible witnesses, like a 5 year old girl or something who swears they saw the sideways-looking person dancing with the devil behind a hay bale.

With rock-solid forensic evidence like this, the authorities had of course unfortunately no other choice but to either cut off their head or burn them.

Ok. This is what happens when I try to write historical facts about my photos. So I don´t.

It´s better that way.



I went to Kulturen today. It´s the open air museum in Lund.

I haven´t been there in ages. There are really, really, old buildings, and houses with the original furniture and things so you can see how people lived “back in the day”. I took quite a few photos today, so I will be posting pics from there for the next couple of days probably.

I´m starting with a couple of details from interiors, one from an old church, and one from somebodys house.

I´m sorry if I don´t write any historical details or anything, it´s not really my bag, I just like the eye-candy.

Old-church-detail-1 old-room-1