Inside the beast

This is what you see when you enter the front door of Domkyrkan.

It´s not half as boring as the outside.

I also have to say, that I am not religious in any way, shape, or form. I don´t believe in religion, but I´m not an atheist.

I won´t go into that right now, but I can find churches very interesting, there is a lot of work behind them.


Tales from the crypt

The first photo is Jätten Finn, Finn the Giant. He is down in the crypt under Domkyrkan.

He is actually about the size of a very short person, but  there is an explanation for that.

They say that he single handedly built Domkyrkan while he was still a giant, but he didn´t like it or something, so he tried to demolish it afterwards, but God or somebody got mad, and turned him into a stone-little-person as punishment.

Yeah. Sure.

The second picture is his wife and Child. Nobody knows anything about them, but it looks to me like she is holding some kind of club over the kids head, like child abuse or something, and I´m just guessing that it could be the reason she was turned to stone as well, but I´m just speculating as to her crime.

Jätten-Finn Finns-fru-och-barn