Blue and red

Part of a building at Kulturen. Now I´m afraid to post any pictures that aren´t landscape format.




Just a shed I noticed.



This is part of the tower of Kungshuset at the University, it´s in Lundagård.

I studied practical philosophy there for a while, but quit because it wasn´t exactly doing me much good. I mean there really isn´t a very large job market out there for philosophers.

I was going to write some really stupid thing about this building but I have stopped myself.

I´m finding it increasingly hard to stay on any kind of track with this blog.

My family and friends and people who know me are reading/looking at it, and they know my inherent silliness. On the other hand there are complete strangers seeing this as well, and I´m trying to keep some kind of balance which is making things kind of awkward.

I don´t know how to behave in public.


Drive-by shooting

Went out for dinner last night and took a taxi home, too tired to take the bus.

The taxi had those kind of darkened windows that some cars have, and looking out of them they reminded me of ND camera filters. I got the idea to try some motion blur shots through the window.

This is one of them, pretty darn cool if I may say so myself.


Sankt Hansgården

Sankt Hansgården is a “bygglekplats”, it means “building playground”.

It´s where kids (and even adults if they want to) can come and play and build things.
There are farm animals and beehives, and eco-things and whatnot.

These are two of the buildings there, I took more pictures there today, but I´ll start with these two.

The black thing in the first one is a cat that was just about to go through the cat-hatch or whatever it´s called.

SH-byggnad-1 SH-byggnad-2

The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel, it´s situated close to the train station.

I can´t believe the sky isn´t washed out. Actual real sky. Wow.

I think I´m slowly getting the hang of my latest camera.