I have no idea what kind of bird this is. I have never seen one before, but it was jumping around all over the place yesterday, it was jumping like some kind of insect or something. It was small, and I had to take about 15 pictures of it before I got one that wasn´t blurry since it wasn´t still for a second. That bird needs to chill-out.

Insect-bird Insect-bird-2

Couple more blurs

I don´t know, I think the previous one was better, but this was really fun.

I have just learned that blur and reflections might be my thing, they make my heart pound a little faster, in a good way.

This is Bredgatan and around the hospital somewhere.



Drive-by shooting

Went out for dinner last night and took a taxi home, too tired to take the bus.

The taxi had those kind of darkened windows that some cars have, and looking out of them they reminded me of ND camera filters. I got the idea to try some motion blur shots through the window.

This is one of them, pretty darn cool if I may say so myself.