Old Rook

I also saw an old rook today, I always see rooks and I´m kind of tired of them, but maybe other people aren´t.


Gull with brown head

I haven´t been able to get out much lately, but today I took a walk in the park since the weather was better than it has been in a while now. Took some pictures of the birds.

This first one is a gull with a brown head, I´m sure it´s called something else.


Strange Magpie Behavior

3 Pictures.

Been cooped up a couple of days again. Got out for a while yesterday, just around the house.

There was something really strange going on with the magpies around here, they were behaving weirdly.
For one thing, they didn´t seem afraid of me and I couldn´t believe how close they let me get to them.

I thought that one of them was dead or had hit a window because it was just laying in a weird postion in the grass. I was almost on top of it when it noticed me and flew off. It was like it was sleeping or something.

Then I saw another one that was doing really weird things. It was just laying in the grass too, but then it started kind of hissing and flapping it´s wings, it was trying to screech I think but nothing but hissing was coming out of it´s mouth.

I thought maybe it was injured, but then it flew away too. I hope they aren´t sick or anything. Very strange.
I have never seen anything like it.

Gapskata Skata-1-0610 skata-2-0610


Took a walk around different parts of the University today, and took pictures of buildings and other things on the way, but I´m not in the mood for buildings right now so that will have to wait. I´ll just post a few other things I saw, like animals.

This duckling had a lot of sisters and brothers, but they were running around all over the place so they turned out too blurry.


Recycled Gull

This one from yesterday turned out too blurry for comfort, and no amount of sharpening helped.
I liked the wings though, so instead of throwing it away I tried to recycle it (or is that upcycle?) by adding textures and messing around with it.