My favorite photo

I have like a million photos just gathering dust on my computer, but if I had to pick my favorite I think it would be this one.

I love this picture, I don´t know why, maybe it´s because I love imperfection, there is something so perfect about it.

It´s a gull on Fäladstorget.



Electrical cats and a lizard

I took a walk to the Botanical Garden today. On the way I noticed this electricity box thing that someone had prettified.


In one of the greenhouses I saw this lizard. I saw a lot of other things and took pictures, but I´ll post them later.



This is “Mannen som bröt sig ut ur klippan”, “The Man Who Broke Out Of The Rock” by Axel Ebbe. The rock is supposed to symbolize ignorance I think.

It can be found in Lundagård.

Some prankster obviously thought that he needed a makeover and painted “eye shadow and lipstick” on him. I´m sure they have washed it off by now, it was a few months ago. I found it slightly amusing.

stenmannen-med-läppstift-o-ögonskugga Stenmannen-sv