Tired Cattle

The past week or something there has been “ko-släpp” all over Sweden.
It´s hard to translate, but it means letting the cows out of the barn in spring.
It´s a popular thing among Swedes to go and watch. The cows go all crazy happy and start frolicking and jumping around all over the place. I suppose this tires them out, and I suppose that´s why these ones look so tired.



Ugly Pig

More from Nöbbelövs Mosse yesterday. The next few will be from there as well.

I think these kind of pigs are some kind of old breed that is close to wild boars, I don´t know for sure, but I do know that they aren´t pretty. At least I don´t think so.


Nöbbelövs Mosse

Went to another part of town today, Nöbbelövs Mosse, near Gunnesbo. Took quite a few pictures, but I´m too tired to post more than one now.

Some cows. I took a lot of cow pics, because in this part of town there are no cows, just sheep and goats, and chickens  and.. well, no cows. I like cows.


Three Dogs

Three dogs I saw outside the grocery store yesterday waiting for their humans.

They have their eyes fixed on the store entrance.

I´m still not ready to start posting pictures of people I see, but dogs are a step closer.

Dog-1 Dog-2 Dog-3

Flying Rats

This is what happens when people are too lazy to put the garbage inside the garbage room.

Kind of fun for me though, only took a short walk today because I´m pretty flared up and didn´t think I would see anything interesting.


The ones that got away

Taking pictures is kind of like fishing I think, here are three of the ones that got away the other day.

The first one is not all that hard to recognize, the second one is something that sounded like a goose, but didn´t look like one.

The last one, that one could have been really good. it´s a stork (I think). It was just standing there completely still for a long time.
It was standing so still, that with that, and with my bad eyes, I thought it was made of wood or something and was like a scarecrow or something. By the time it moved and I realized it was alive it was too late.

I also saw a really large, ugly, hare that jumped across the path right in front of me, but it was too fast to get at all.
It looked like an alien or something. I like rabbits, but I don´t think I like hares. I´m posting these because.. well, I don´t know why lol.