It wasn´t good walking or photo weather today. It was drizzling rain and kind of dark and grey-ish.
Still I needed some air and tried getting some pictures anyway. I was having a really hard time getting the camera to focus where I wanted it to, the exposures kept getting all wrong, and everything else was just wrong.

The only things that turned out kind of ok were a couple of plants, flowers, leaves, and this thing.
It´s a wet, dirty, street lamp. Looks more kind of like some kind of UFO I Think.



On the last walk I took, I walked too far, and held the camera for too long. Now my fibromyalgia has flared up so it´s worse than usual.

It´s Valborgsmässoafton here in Sweden tonight (Walpurgis night), and I was hoping to be able to get out and photograph the bonfire and all the drunk people, but that´s not going to happen. Bummer.


Couple more blurs

I don´t know, I think the previous one was better, but this was really fun.

I have just learned that blur and reflections might be my thing, they make my heart pound a little faster, in a good way.

This is Bredgatan and around the hospital somewhere.