I haven´t been out much at all lately, today just a short walk, and I couldn´t find anything very interesting to photograph.

All I really found was blooming grass and similar things, so I´ll just post a few of them. Here are four pictures.
I like grass, I think it´s pretty.

gräs-1-0701 gräs-2-0701 gräs-3-0701 Pink-grass

Gull with brown head

I haven´t been able to get out much lately, but today I took a walk in the park since the weather was better than it has been in a while now. Took some pictures of the birds.

This first one is a gull with a brown head, I´m sure it´s called something else.


Phone Pics

I have been really impressed by some of the blogs here where people have taken pictures with their phones.

I don´t even know how to use the camera on mine, but yesterday I tried (a little).

The first one is from a small greek restaurant where we ate yesterday. We got there in between lunch and dinner time so there were hardly any people there, otherwise it´s usually packed.

The second one is from a taxi and looks about as confused as I was about how my phone camera works.
The weather was about to become nasty.