I am a woman.

I tend to lean toward the bohemian.

I wrote a really long thing for this yesterday, but it got messed up in the editor, so I will have to get back to this when I´ve figured out how to format text.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Vafann, I am coming to your blog from a wp forum as I saw my wp site being hosted at white stallion too and then it led me to that forum, I do not know if it is harmless or not, it sorts of freaking me out too, would like to ask you if you ever had any problem with this weird white stallion appspot thing? I am new to blogging and do not have much Idea,
    Best regards
    Arohii (zhwadevivre.wordpress.com)


    • Hi Arohii, I have traced it to someone who claims to have created it, and he has said that it´s some kind of mirroring thing that allows people in countries where they have blocked or censored internet to be able to seek information through the Stallion thing. I don´t know for sure, but it seems harmless. Nothing bad has happened to my blog at least. 🙂

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