There have been a million reasons why I haven´t been posting here in a while, the latest one because after upgrading to Windows 10 I couldn´t get my pictures out of the camera and into the computer. There will be some firmware update for my camera sometime after the end of December, but that´s a long wait, so I bought an external card reader. It works for now.

I have also been getting kind of tired of my pictures always looking kind of the same so today I went out and tried some of the in-camera filters and things. This one was taken with the “soft focus filter”. I´m only posting one today I think, I have to get back into the habit.



6 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. This photo is quite pretty, I like it. Have been wondering where you were, missed you. I have always liked your photos, I think you do a great job. Windows 10 keeps trying to update on my computer without my permission and I keep deleting. I wish to stay on windows 8 for now and if it is causing problems for you with your camera, I certainly do not wish to deal with any such problems.

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