Swedish Bird House

Is it called a bird house in English?



10 thoughts on “Swedish Bird House

  1. If you don’t mind revealing your photographer secrets…I’ve been meaning to ask you what kind of editing you’ve been doing to your photos lately. The seem to have a soft, almost painted quality. Very nice.


    • “photographer secrets” lol. I have no secrets, it´s just that I hardly know what I do to them. I use NIK software most of the time, and I usually just try out different settings and experiment.
      I have saved some of the combinations of things I have used and saved them as “recipes” so I can go back and try them out on other photos. Sometimes they work, sometimes they just need som tweaking, and sometimes they look awful.

      In general though, what I do most is extract some of the detail, and add a little glow, and often use a slight cross processing filter, different ones depending on the photo. I really don´t know what I do, I am experimenting all the time. 🙂


  2. I vote bird house in English. But I’m no expert. English is just my second language. I’m still trying to find my first.


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