Lost in the blinding green

I got lost today. Here are 5 pics of confusing greeness.

I just started walking and ended up on some path, then the path split, so I chose one, then it split again, and again, and so on, until I had no idea where I was. Everything was just green all over the place and looked kind of the same. I even ended up on top of a hill somehow and I don´t know how I got there.

I wandered around for over 3 hours until I finally found some place I recognized enough to find my way home.

I´m kind of broken now. Took pictures of other things not so green on the way, and will post them later, but this was pretty much what everything looked like today.

Green-1 green-3 green-4 green-allé green-trees


4 thoughts on “Lost in the blinding green

    • I´ve lived here for 40 years, I just have no sense of direction and I don´t pay attention to where I´m going, especially when I´m walking around with the camera. I just follow things that catch my eye lol. 🙂


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