I don´t know why images get all fuzzy and stretched out when I post anything other than in landscape format.

The previous ones look the size I intended when you click on them, but they look wrong otherwise.

Ok, a room from Kulturen in landscape format, I hope it turns out better.



13 thoughts on “Room

    • Huh? I suck att the shrinking thing. The landscape ones, I reduce to 1000px wide on the longest side and then save for web. It works kind of ok. But I tried making the “portrait” format ones 1000 px high Before but it was way too big and messy, so I tried 800px high, and that really messed them up. So I have been using 900 px high lately, and they look relatively ok when you click on them but as soon they just show in a post they look terrible. ugh.

      What do you mean by 2:3 and 3:4? I don´t know what my screen is, it´s 27 inches. Oh my foggy head.


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