This is part of the tower of Kungshuset at the University, it´s in Lundagård.

I studied practical philosophy there for a while, but quit because it wasn´t exactly doing me much good. I mean there really isn´t a very large job market out there for philosophers.

I was going to write some really stupid thing about this building but I have stopped myself.

I´m finding it increasingly hard to stay on any kind of track with this blog.

My family and friends and people who know me are reading/looking at it, and they know my inherent silliness. On the other hand there are complete strangers seeing this as well, and I´m trying to keep some kind of balance which is making things kind of awkward.

I don´t know how to behave in public.



26 thoughts on “Kungshuset

  1. I am totally different in public also, but when I started my blog I only told one person and they weren’t interested so it’s basically all strangers….and I act just like my stories and how I take pictures….I am Goofy,silly, like toilet humour and can be a serious adult when I need to……..Just go with the flow Al! be yourself!


  2. It is ok to be silly. I act very silly myself. If someone does not like our personalities I guess they do not have to deal with us and can just go away. I jump from one thing to another on my blog all the time. I can tell many people do not care for anything too serious that makes them think too much. Oh well!

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  3. Oh, and by the way, I think I have set this to 7 levels of replies, it might stop there, so you might have to start a a new comment after that to continue. 🙂


  4. Be silly, be honest! The world is too serious. I loved this “I studied practical philosophy there for a while, but quit because it wasn´t exactly doing me much good.” I quit my 2nd year of uni for the same reason. I restarted with just English Lit’ rather than a combined degree 🙂


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