Strange Fruit

I see the wierdest things hanging from trees sometimes, but this one was real eye-catcher.

Trying to imagine the story behind it, I think it could be something like a thing I did to my children that I still feel kind of guilty for.

Instead of weaning them off their pacifiers slowly, I thought it would be better for them to go cold turkey, so I convinced them that if they sent all their pacifiers to Santa Claus, along with a wish list, it would be a good deal. So we went out and put them all in the mailbox. Kind of wondering what the post office thought about that.

Later that night when they were going to bed, my daughter seemed fine with it, but my son said that he wanted his.
I lied to him and said that there weren´t any left since we mailed them all off. It broke my heart, but I´m sure he´s over it by now, he´s 25 years old. ( aren´t you sweetie? over it? lol).

What a tangled web we weave…



21 thoughts on “Strange Fruit

  1. such a neat story, we have tree’s here covered in shoes, hub caps, anything people loose, I must remember to take photo’s of them as they are way out of town!


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