I took a walk in the main park ” Stadsparken” in town today.

Not much was growing yet, it´s still early spring, so I took some pictures of some of the birds.

I know my posts sound like they are written by a complete moron, but I´m actually quite intelligent.
It´s just that it seems such a waste of time and energy to try to remember what things are called in English when words like “thingy” and “stuff” just seem to say so much.

So here is some gull-bird thingy and duck stuff.

Cool-bird-2 cool-duck-1


6 thoughts on “Stadsparken

  1. Nice photos and cute commentary!

    Your second photo reminded me of a wood duck, so I searched for it on the internet.  Apparently it is a mandarin duck, which is a close relative of the wood duck.  You can find a little info on it at this link.

    Thanks for sharing your photos, and have a great day!


    • Thank you T! I´m really starting to get confused about how to keep my “quirks” at bay while I´m writing posts here, this wasn´t really meant to be anything personal, just a picture posting thing.

      Maybe I should try to get that kind of thing out of me in my other non-blog, so I don´t get things mixed up. 🙂


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