Springy Things

It was raining, and snowing, and hailing today. Not the best walking weather.

Still I was able to get out a little while and found some signs of spring.

I don´t know if the mushroom things are really a sign of spring, but anyway.



6 thoughts on “Springy Things

    • Do you mean what camera or software?

      These are taken with my latest camera that is a Fujifilm X-M1, but a lot of my other ones are taken with a Canon Powershot SX50HS bridge camera ( like the tulip center one, it´s good for macro, and birds because it has an enormous 50x zoom. But that one makes a lot of noise, that´s why most of my pics with that one look really grainy, and it´s hopeless for taking anything indoors or in low light.

      A few are taken with a canonSX210IS compact, but not many, I never became friends with that one.

      The editing software I use most is NIK. Some, like the baby goats, and the tulip center, I don´t edit at all, that´s why my pictures all look so different, I don´t have a certain way of doing anything, it all depends on the photo, I try to make them look like I saw them, and the camera can´t always translate that on it´s own.

      For the white flower ( the middle one) I used NIK Color Effects Pro, detail extractor and glamour glow (I think), I usually just mess around with things until they get to be close to what I saw with my eyes.

      I hope that wasn´t too long an answer Teresa. 🙂

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