Dear “Someone”

Dear Anonymous “Someone”. I don´t mean to be rude or anything by not letting your comments through, it´s just that I don´t know if you´re a real person or a bot or what.

This is the center of a tulip.



10 thoughts on “Dear “Someone”

  1. Thank you! 🙂
    About “someone” (that´s what they call themself), the comments aren´t gibberish or “bad” in any way, it´s just hard to tell if it´s a person, bot, or spammer, or what. There is no page linked, no info on the “person”, no e-mail, no nothing.
    Oh well..


    • Now that I’ve thought about it, it is a bot comment, just delete them, I had one saying it was from “Painted Nature” which was what one of my post’s was called. They aren’t nasty or complementary, Just delete them.
      Have a nice day!
      is your first name “vafann”? mine is Teresa….but shhh. don’t tell anyone! lol!

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      • Oh no… now you´re going to wish you never asked..
        Here comes a messed up lesson in the Swedish language lol.

        My first name isn´t Vafann.
        Vafann is a kind of misspelled slang contraction of the expression “vad fan” which means something like “What the hell”, or “what the devil”.( Vad = What) (Fan = devil) though the exact word for devil is “djävul”, “fan” is another word for it.

        I took this username out of frustration. I was trying out like a million different names, most of them based on different constellations based on my real name, and nothing was being accepted either because they were already taken or because something else was wrong with them.

        Finally whilst banging my head against the keyboard and pulling all my hair out I typed in “VAFANN????” i.e. “WHAT THE HELL???” The only thing it complained about this time were the question marks, so I took those out and voilà! Something had finally gone through, so I just thought “what the hell” and kept it lol.

        My name is Anna-Lisa. 🙂 

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  2. Wow! that is so cool! I’d hang that on my living room wall! Oh, I hope you figure out who “Someone is” are they leaving big long messages about what to put in your blog “content”?? then delete them, go into your side board and check spam control……good luck!


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