Domkyrkan teaser

By popular request (by 1 person, you know who you are, ha) I am posting another side of Domkyrkan.

Not the front because I can´t find it. Yet. I have to learn to name my folders better.

My Pictures usually don´t have many people in them, because I don´t want to post pics of people who might not want to be posted, but if you´re going to sit outside this Church, you are going to get your picture taken, that´s just a fact.

This is part of one side, this building is huge and it´s not easy to photograph. The statue of the kind of creepy guy with a cape is a priest, his name is Henric Schartau, he is buried in Norra Kyrkogården. ( I have posted a couple of pictures of that graveyard before, but not his grave, since I didn´t even know he was buried there until I checked him out on Wikipedia).

I will post the front as soon as I can find it.


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