I take walks. I take pictures.
Of anything that catches my eye.
In Lund Sweden.




3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hey! long time no see! I haven’t much time as I am going to Edmonton Alberta for a wedding and will be back by the beginning of Sept. I will have lots of pictures then to post! I haven’t updated to Win.10, I’m waiting for them to fix all the bugs! Hope all is well and you post pic’s soon! take care and talk soon!

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  2. Hi Morgana! yes I was able to see them but they were really small and my eyes are not the best.
    If you go to your admin page, and then to the left click on “appearance” I think it is, and then “themes”, you can try on different themes to see how they would fit your blog. You don´t have to commit to any of them until you find one you like, and then you just have to click “use this theme” or whatever. 🙂


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